Japanese Woman ate all 3kg Yakisoba in just 3 minutes! Yes, all of it.

This incredible woman becomes a legend after she uploaded a video on Youtube that goes viral all over the social media.

Petite Japanese woman won the championship with 3 minutes and 20 second after eating eight pounds of noodles.

Screenshot from the video
Screenshot from the video

Not only does she manage to consume a whopping 3.9kg (8.5lbs) bowl of instant chow mien, but she does it in record time of three minutes 20 seconds.

Kinoshita Yuka uploaded her video in Youtube has more than 630,000 views already.

Yuka spent 3 minutes and 20 seconds eating 3.9 kg of Yakisoba noodles. The whole process is not that hard for her; she just swallows the food, and just takes a break to drink water.

She then seasons her noodles with packets of what seems to be soy sauce, before mixing it thoroughly.

With her petite body you wouldn’t believe that she can almost finish that big bowl of Yakisoba noodles.

The pile of noodles slowly disappears as Yuka continues to eat, alternating noodles with more sips of water. You can’t really see that Yuka is having a hard time with the challenge.

Towards the end of the challenge, she lifts the bowl up and slurps the last few strands of noodles, before turning it towards the camera to show how well she’s done.

Yuka's fans in Youtube had commented on her video.
OMG, how did you eat all that? Impressive haha!
Nasser M said.

Another fan also wrote,
Your metabolism must be crazy.
Kono Kono commented.

Kinoshita Yuka is always a eating challenger, she previously ate 62 burgers in just 7 minutes, three pounds of steak in five minutes, and 200 pieces of sushi in just eight minutes.

Yuka's metabolism is really UNBELIEVABLE!

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Japanese Woman ate all 3kg Yakisoba in just 3 minutes! Yes, all of it. Japanese Woman ate all 3kg Yakisoba in just 3 minutes! Yes, all of it. Reviewed by TrendSpot on Wednesday, June 03, 2015 Rating: 5

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