Insects found in Softdrinks at McDonald’s SM BF

Are fast foods now becoming unsafe places to eat? Have people’s favorite fast food places become breeding grounds of undesirable insects and other pests? Is the “family-oriented” campaign of most fast foods actually a threat than an enjoyable experience? Well you tell me …

Found these tiny insects at my daughter's softdrink
Found these tiny insects at my daughters' softdrink

Just recently my family and I went to SM BF to do our groceries. We have been doing our groceries in this mall since it opened last November 2013. By the way, although the mall is not as big as its other counterparts, I would say it may well be classified on the higher end scale. You will find popular expensive brands like Mango, UNIQLO, Nautica and Camaieu among others. You can watch movies at the Director’s Club or dine at Viking’s Luxury buffet (Yes, this is the only branch in the South!).

We have already tried the nice restaurants in the place during our previous visits but this time my kids suddenly had cravings for burgers and fries. Normally, popular choice would be Burger King or KFC over the other fast foods there. But they insisted to try McDonald’s this time. As for me, I had to buy my food at a nearby restaurant as I’m a semi-vegan and have stopped eating fast foods for the longest time I can remember.

McDonald's at SM BF
McDonald's at SM BF

McDonald's at SM BF
McDonald's at SM BF

When I got back to McDonald’s, my family has already ordered chicken, burgers, fries and sodas. When they were all halfway done with their meal, my second daughter while trying to finish her soda, downing the content of the glass, surprisingly released back again the liquid from her mouth back to her glass! Totally surprised, I asked her why. She said she was on her last gulp when she saw these tiny obviously looking small insects at the bottom of her glass (honestly if this had happen to my other daughter, she would have vomit all over the place!). It was coke she had (from the soda machine). What else should be there with the coke aside from ice??

Hurriedly, I checked her glass and saw very tiny roaches which made me totally squeamish! Immediately but calmly, I asked for the manager on duty and showed the glass with the disgusting remnants, inquiring how such can possibly happen. According to her, SM had just fumigated which might have caused the insects to come out. Baffled but still trying to keep my wits together, I told her I once worked in a fast food chain and I said dispensers are supposed to be cleaned everyday prior opening the store. It is impossible that the roaches can breed or get inside the soda machines regardless there was a fumigation done if these machines are regularly kept clean and tidy. All this time, though I was tempted to throw an argument at the manager, I was very discreet and calm. I still can’t shake the thought that my daughter just drank coke with roaches!

Lost of things to say, the manager on duty, just got my mobile no. and told me that their Store Manager will contact me very soon. Meanwhile, my husband and kids were no longer excited to finish their meals, of course and were just too eager to get out of the restaurant, repelled of what happened.

True I received the call from the Store manager and she was very apologetic. She invited my family to eat again in their restaurant, this time for free! I calmly declined the invitation for obvious reasons. Asked if my kids will eat again at McDonald’s, well maybe yes, but not the one in SM BF.. at least most likely not for a long time.

I have nothing against McDonald’s or any fast food chain for that matter. After the incident it just kept me thinking, if the price matters over health and safety? Shouldn’t consumer safety be utmost important to all restaurants, actually fast foods or not?

Here's another incident from New York. Watch the video:

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