An unimaginable combat between a monkey and a cat

An unbelievable thing happen as a cat struggles with an extraordinary monkey in a combat sport tournament.

This cat struggled in a combat fight with a monkey

Muay Thai is a popular combat sports in Thailand. Using different techniques to seal an opponent. It can be standing-up and striking the opponent’s body. This sports utilize the art of eight limbs. These are the combination of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. The fighter needs to have a good physical strength when making a contact with his opposer.

This sport has a long history. It started on 1767 on the battles between the Burmese of the Kobaung Dynasty and Siam. An Khanomtom, a famous Burmese fighter, is known as expert in hand-to-hand combat which gives him liberty to fight for his freedom.

That name “Muay” means “To bind into a rounded form” in Thai. “Muay Phom” is act of binding a person’s hair in a rounded form. Siamese boxers wrapped their hands with a top and hold their fists in a rounded manner when giving a punch. The Siamese calls this as “Toi Muay”, “ToiMoi” or “Tee Muay”. After that it was renamed as “Muay”.

The “Art of Eight Limbs” or the “Science of Eight Limbs” is the other name of “Muay Thai”. The fighter makes the use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes and using the eight points of contacts.

On the video, the cat is struggling on the spider monkey’s “Muay Thai” technique. The cat is having a hard time to get loose against his opponent. The spider monkey makes some kicks and punches against his opponent. It seems that the cat is loosing on this battle.

They say that spider monkeys are the most intelligent New World monkeys. They can produce a wide range of sounds. They can be found in the tropical forest of Mexico and Brazil.

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