A tourist and a monkey conducts a "hilarious" business.

What will happen if you transact with a monkey on a mountain?

This monkey shows what is monkey business about
This monkey shows what is monkey business about

Since the dawn of time, we have started trading your items in exchange with something else. The Chinese, Europeans and Americans started the trading business after Magellan discovered the other parts of the world.

When Henry Sy established Shoe Mart or SM, trading or transacting a business is more accessible. People can buy things in change with their cold cash.

Today, with the dawn of internet of things, you can easily trade your unnecessary over the net. There are some online trading site like eBay, OLX and even Facebook.

What will happen if you are extending your help to a monkey? You are keen of capturing the primate on film by giving them some food. We all know that monkeys are intelligent as well.

On the video, a mountain hiker tries to capture the lost monkey on the mountain. He tries to give him some bottled water in exchange of having it captured on film. However, during the course of the video, the monkey realized that he was threaten or he does not want a bottled water but a piece of banana.

The monkey provokes the hiker by scratching the mountain hikers legs. Luckily, the mountain climber avoids the monkey’s hand because if you have been scratched by a monkey then you need to the doctor to check the wound and give some anti-rabies shots as well.

So next time that you are trying to make a business with a monkey, please avoid them. This is what monkey business all about.

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