A terrifying moment as this drunk man provokes an elephant.

They say, “Don't drink and drive”. This means that you need to be more responsible when you are drunk not just on the road but also when walking along the streets.

This man didn't know what will hit him
This man didn't know what will hit him

What if you provoke one of the animals while you are walking and also drunk?

Elephants in the wild are not tamed compared to the ones who are raised in captivity. The elephants that are found inside a zoo is also tamed. You can hold their horn and feed them with any fruits.

Compared to the elephants in the wild, they are simply wild and you cannot feed them or hold their horn.

Elephants in India are important to their culture because based on the Indian mythology. The Gods (Deva) and Demons (Asura) searched the oceans for the elixir of life or ‘Amrit’. When they drink this elixir they will become immortal. Also, the “navratnas” (nine jewels) will surface and one of them is an elephant.

India has the largest population of Elephants in Asia. There are 25,000 Indian Elephants in this country. They say that the lifespan of an elephant will last for at least 6 to 10 years.

On the video, the man was drunk and he tries to provoke a wild elephant on found in the side of the forest near the highway. Some of his friends are shouting and telling him to get way from the wild beast but the man in bluish shirt keeps on annoying the wild elephant. There are plenty of motorist who are watching to the commotion with the drunk man and wild elephant.

Then after the elephant is pissed off with the drunk man, the elephant sways their horn toward the man. The elephant makes a cord from their horn and hits the body of the drunk man. After that the elephant moves away. As for the drunken man, most of the by-standers saw what happen. They helped the druken man to stand up again after the terrible incident.

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