A fish that can walk and breath on land!

In Queensland, Australia, locals are surprised to find an aggressive foreign fish!

The Climbing perch who can walk and breath on land
The Climbing perch who can walk and breath on land

This fish is capable of walking "out" of water and survives in land using its lungs to breath.

The fish is identified as the climbing perch, is capable of moving across dry land and can choke birds and other fish if eaten. The fish id threatening to make its way onto Australian soil, all the way from Papua New Guinea.

Researchers and wildlife rangers now monitors the climbing perch, as they already overrun waterways on two Queensland islands in the Torres Strait, Australia.

The deadly climbing perch, which is originally a freshwater fish, can survive in salty water and can last several days on land by using lungs to breathe.

Nathan Waltham, a scientist from James Cook University, explained that aside from being aggressive, birds or other fish that ate them could die.

Waltham warned that if the climbing perch were not managed in the Torress Strait, the species could make its way to the northern Australia mainland.

Meanwhile, Damiean Burrows, the director of the Trop Water at James Cook University, said that it is possible that the climbing perch survive a trip from the Torres Strait on the bottom of a fishing boat.

Burrows also warned that if the fish were not managed effectively, then the door would be left open for other fish to follow.

The research team extended the education of fisherman from the Torres Strait about how to identify the fish; asking them to throw the fish away before coming to mainland Australia,

Authorities from Fisheries Queensland said in a statement that there are no received reports of the fish moving from the Torres Strait.

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