Watch this little boy hilarious face as he rocks out the video game

A hilarious video has emerged online of a two-year-old boy rocking out to music - while pretending to play an 'electric guitar'.

2 years old playing Bulls on Parade on Guitar Hero
2 years old playing Bulls on Parade on Guitar Hero

A proud father has captured a future rock star in action - his own toddler, whose flair for the dramatic is worthy of the guitar greats.

In a video that has already racked up 3,767,032 views in just a few days, Gabe White, from Port Saint Lucie, Florida, filmed his two-year-old playing the video game, Guitar Hero.

Grimacing, pouting, growling and leaping in the air in true rock star fashion, little Braeden White may be imitating the cartoon character on the screen in front of him, but he looks as he's feeling the full force of the music all on his own.

The youngster is seen dancing in his living room with his little brother as he attempts to play Guitar Hero on his games console.

The toddler stares transfixed at the screen, playing his own rendition of rock band Rage Against The Machine's Bulls On Parade.

In the music rhythm game, Guitar Hero, the player clutches a plastic controller that's in the shape of a guitar and presses the colour co-ordinated buttons as when signalled on the screen.

The pure concentration on his face is obvious as the youngster throws himself into a rendition of Rage Against The Machine's Bulls on Parade.

And it seems the music seems to get the better of him at one point - as he ditches his instrument altogether and simply claps along to the beat.

He even throws his arms up in the air and playing with the metal strum bar wildly. The two-year-old even manages the co-ordination of flicking his guitar up and down at random intervals, with the same energy as an actual rock guitarist.

Braeden bobs along to the music and even attempts a scream characteristic of metal music, which comes out as a high-pitched squeal. All the while his baby sibling plays in the background, apparently appreciative of the performance.

The amazing video, filmed by his dad at their home in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, has clocked up more than 3.8 million views since it was published on June 12

Proud father and IT manager Gabe captioned the video: '2 year old plays Bulls On Parade on Guitar Hero... the music takes over.'

Amused YouTubers have commented on the enthusiastic and accurate nature of his son's performance. One user remarked: 'this kid is going to be awesome when he's older. he loves the rage [against the machine].'

Another user spotted musical potential in the young boy, adding: 'Future bass player right here.' 

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