One of the sweetest prom proposal gone wrong

Epic prom proposal gone wrong. 

Prom invitation gone wrong

Some guys will just ask you directly if you wanted to go somewhere with them.

Some will find a unique and sweet way of asking you out, like what this guy did to this girl.

Unfortunately, the girl didn't realized that the posters she was reading beside the street was for her.

First few words she read was "Alex will you marry LoL Jk Go to Prom with me.

Aparently, the guy was only asking him to Prom and the girl made some side comments on what she thinks about the words that she just read. The guy even set up a camera to capture the emotions when she finally realized how sweet the guy was and when she said yes.

But, it didn't go the way it was planned. When the girl realized that the message was actually for her, she suddenly felt bad and started crying, totally ruining the proposal.

What happened next is a surprise you shouldn't miss!

Watch the video to find out whether she said yes or not.

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