WATCH: Turn your TV into a pc!

Turn your TV into a pc!
Google just announced that they will be releasing Chromebit.  

Chromebit PC in a stick

It looks like an ordinary USB stick but don't be fooled by the looks of it.

It can do more than just save a file. This stick can turn your TV into a pc!

Imagine a pc inside your pocket. Though most of our Mobile devices right now  can perform a lot of task similar to a normal desktop computer but this one is way much lighter and can run applications which your mobile devices has limitations.

It runs in a ChromeOS

Rockchip 3288 Soc Processor
2 GB of RAM
16 GB of SSD Memory
Wifi Capabilities
BlueTooth Ready
+Smart Ready Controller
ARM Mali 760 Quat Core GPU

Available in 3 stylish colors.  Silver, Blue and Orange.

Available in 3 colors

How does it work? Just plug the stick on any device which has an hdmi port.

Details on the availability and battery life is still to be announced.

Price is roughly $100.

With the way technology is changing the way we do things, who knows what our future technology will be!

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