Top 10 rarest and strangest medical conditions in the world

How can you deal with these medical conditions? They are extremely rare that only few people had it.

Here are the top 10 extraordinary medical conditions that you should know:

Rarest medical conditions in the world.

  1. Pupula Duplex (Two pupils) - This is the rarest medical condition where the patient has two pupil in each eyes. Some people says that is this a myth because there is no recorded case. There are some claims that there are people having this conditions.
  2. Aquagenic Urticaria (Water allergy) - There are some people who are afraid of water however this medical condition seems very unusual. This is considered as the rarest allergy in the world. Having this conditions means that the patient will have a hive-like rashes after exposing itself to water. Regardless if this is distilled or tap water. Some allergies can be cured by taking histamine. However, this allergy has no effect using this prescribe medicine.
  3. Fish Odor Syndrome - This is a very odd condition where the person emits a foul fish odor. They said that the person cannot break down the simplest compounds that are found in food. This is curable with a healthy diet.
  4. Spatial Orientation Phenomenon - Scientist discovered that there is only one person who suffers in this syndrome. Bojana Danilovic, from Serbia, sees the world upside down. The reason why she sees the world upside down because her brain flips any images that she saw.
  5. Gastroschisis - This is a very unusual condition at birth. This defeat places the internal organs outside of the body. They said that with proper medical procedure, they have a high life expectancy.
  6. Congenital Insensitivity (Pain Insensitivity) - This causes the person not to feel any kind of pain. Good at it seems, but the people who suffers, pain helps us to keep alert and stay away on any harm. Also, they cannot feel any pain with there internal organ which may have any internal injuries.
  7. Hypertrichosis (Werewolf Syndrome) - This disease causes by over production of hair which gives a werewolf look. It can be anywhere in the body or head. It can also cover your whole body. Anyone can have this syndrome regardless of gender or age.
  8. Progeria - People have this disease is very unfortunate because it manifested at their second year of life. This syndrome happens when a two year old becomes an elderly person. The syndrome brings all the traits of an old person and exhibit it to the body of a two year old child.
  9. Epidermodysplasia Verruciforms (Tree man Syndrome) - This is an excessive growth of warts which looks like a tree bark. This is due to a very rare gene mutation.
  10. Methemoglobinemia (Blue skin disorder)- Have you seen the “Beast” character in X-Men? This is most likely the same as this syndrome minus the super strength. This is being manifested by turning their skin into blue. Sometimes they look like an Extra-Terrestrial. The discoloration of the skin is due to the decreasing blood oxygen levels. Luckily, this can be cured.

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