Three brides wear the same dress, groom got confused.

Did the grooms, dad, and guests got confused on whose wedding they are going to attend?

It seems that these are the same?
Watch the video below

Twenty-nine year old identical triplets, Rafaela Rocheli and Tagiane Bini from Brazil, got married on the same day. They also wear the same wedding dress, same make-up and same hair-style. Not only they shared there wedding day, they share almost everything since they born. Their birthdays, looks, and tastes in fashion and food. “We tried number of styles, but we all liked the same one. It’s not even worth trying; it always ends up like that” Rochelle explains. The colors of the bouquet is the only different in their wedding styles.

The husbands-to-be are also confused. Rafael, Gabriel and Eduardo said that they are worried that they might mix up their wives-to-be when it came to exchanging vows. One of them, Rafael, who is Rafaela’s husband told that he is sometime confused with their girlfriends.

The triplets dad, Pedro, had a dilemma as well. He tries to figure out how to walk all of his daughters down the aisle. “We decided that we would all walk down the aisle until halfway down the church. From there, I would take one at a time”, said Pedro.

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