This man swims in a pond with his unusual pet

This man bravely swims close to an unusual animal pet in a pond.

This guy almost had it
Watch the video below

The scene above seems that the crocodile already got his victim. Unfortunately, the victim is the crocs owner and friend. The croc’s name is “Pocho”. This seventeen feet aquatic reptile was rescued when his mom died in one of the rivers in Costa Rica.

He tries to lure his pet using his feet

The owner kept him for at least 20 years and they are very close. The owner calls the attention of his pet by calling his name and splattering his foot on the water. Using some hand gestures, the owner can command Pocho to swim to a specific direction.

Both the owner and pet loves swimming. When they are in the water, they try to play by tapping Pocho’s stomach. Also, the owner rides on Pocho’s back to simulate that they are eying for a prey. Pocho has one special swimming style, he can use the backstroke style. Pocho just paddle his tail so that he can move which in an upward position.

See how this distinctive pet and owner relationship by watching the video below.

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