The Power of the Immune System to beat Cancer and other Illnesses

Cancer, first and foremost, is a problem with the immune system, you cannot have cancer if you have an intact immune system
~ Dr. Rashid Buttar, D.O.

When I was given a cancer diagnosis last year, I asked the surgeon how I got it.

(Image:  courtesy of Google)
(Image: courtesy of Google)

He said
it was during when your immune system was at its lowest and the cancer cells which were just in hiding and were waiting for the opportunity seized the chance...

I was dumbfounded!

The immune system is the body's defense against pathogens (disease-causing microbes) like bacteria, viruses and other microbes (germs) that have the potential to enter our bodies and cause harm. The immune system is made up of non-specialized defenses such as skin and the acidic juice produced by your stomach. But it also has some highly specialized defenses which give you immunity against (resistance to) particular pathogens. These defenses are special white blood cells called lymphocytes. Other types of white blood cells play an important part in defending your body against infection.

A strong immune system is absolutely essential for preventing cancer. When your immune system is functioning properly it can stop cancer in its tracks by identifying and eliminating cancer cells before they can spread and form tumors. Everybody develops cancer cells each and every day, but in healthy people they are eliminated by the immune system the way nature intended. The primary "soldiers" that comprise your immune system are natural killer cells, macrophages and cancer cell-killing T cells, all of which are actively involved in targeting and eliminating cancer cells.

For cancer to develop, your immune system must be either be worn out, ineffective, unable to kill cancer cells as fast as they develop or you must be exposed to cancer causing toxins, radiation or the like that increases the development of cancer cells to an abnormal rate that your immune system cannot handle.

Both conventional and alternative medicine know that the immune system is critical in fighting various illnesses especially cancer. It has the greatest potential for the specific destruction of tumours with no toxicity to normal tissue and for long-term memory that can prevent cancer recurrence.

This approach to cancer treatment is known as Immunotherapy. Immunotherapy works because the therapeutic approaches that comprise it are specifically designed to aid the immune system to effectively suppress and reverse cancer. And it does so without any of the destructive side effects that are so common with conventional cancer treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Unfortunately, the way that conventional cancer doctors treat cancer not only ignores this fact, it actually makes matters much worse. That’s because the pillars of conventional cancer treatments all strongly suppress and weaken the immune system, often producing irreversible damage. They fail in vast majority of cases because none of them truly take into account or address the multiple factors that cause cancer in the first place!

Given the impact the immune-suppressing effects of these invasive and toxic treatments have on the immune system of cancer patients, which is already weakened by factors that allow cancer to develop in the first place, such as chronic stress, poor nutrition, and environmental pollutants, it is easy to understand why the vast majority of cancer patients ultimately do not survive conventional cancer treatments. Such treatments literally destroy the very immune system that is so important for long-term remission.

Alternative medicine for decades offers treatments like nutrition and natural therapies that aims to support and improve optimal immune function. Focus is given more on nutrients, foods and products that kill cancer cells or revert them into normal cells. These are treatments that are non-toxic, non-invasive with proven more effective results. Simple immune boosting remedies include: exercise, drinking lots of water, enough sleep, reduced stress, probiotics, vitamin C, garlic, turmeric, ganoderma, echinacea, vitamin D3, vitamin E, green tea, kale, healthy diet, plenty of sun and keeping a positive attitude among others.

The body's defense system is only as dependable as the support it gets. We must work for immunity while cutting down on unhealthy habits and avoiding processed foods restores the immune system to peak performance.

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