Homeless Vs Rich Social Experiment

The society can be judgmental at times especially on a person’s physical appearance. Because of a social experiment, we would be able to see how people react towards the homeless.

Screenshot of Josh Paler Lin

The social experiment was done by Josh Paler Lin who acted as a homeless man and tried to come inside a fancy restaurant. He only wanted to check the menu and even he said that he has the money to pay what he will eat, he was rejected a couple of times.

Screenshot of Josh as a homeless man

Josh came back with his clean white clothes while riding his Ferrari after an hour of being rejected. He came back to the fancy restaurants he had been when he acted as a homeless man. People from the restaurants immediately gave him the menu.

Josh rejected to eat and said that they rejected him first when he came and looked like a homeless man. He said that he doesn't want to eat in a place where people will judge a costumer based on their physical appearance.

Screenshot of Josh as a rich man

Workers from the restaurant quickly came running to Josh when he was about to leave. They asked him if he was the one who look like a homeless man who came earlier, he said yes. Josh told them that since they don’t want filthy peole entering their fancy place, he decided to change his physical appearance. Check out the video here:

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