Childhood pals to marry after the other one transforms into a woman.

Love is in the air regardless of the gender. 
Kevin Purdham (27) and Christopher Dodd (24) are not just ordinary childhood friends.

Faye and Chris, childhood friends

As a child they both enjoyed playing together but Kevin’s preference were a little different from Christopher even at the young age.

Faye Purdham used to be called Kevin. 

Gorgeous Faye who used to be Kevin

Faye realized at an early age that his preference is not the same as normal boys. At the age 12, she decided to admit to her family of what she really is after years of hiding and dressing up in her sisters clothes. 

At the age of 16 she began to take hormone pills to begin her physical transformation.
While Kevin started his transformation to becoming Faye, Chris has moved out. He was unaware of what has been happening to his friend Kevin. Little did he know that he will no longer see the Kevin that he used to know but a beautiful woman he will fell in love with in future.

They haven’t seen each other since then until the time of Christopher’s 21st birthday came. Christopher heard about Kevin’s transformation so he came to see Kevin. 

Faye and Chris as a couple

When he saw Faye (Kevin), his first words that came to his mouth was that “God you looked different!”. They were both attached to each other.

They started talking and catching up on each other when suddenly Chris kissed Faye. After the meeting, they began dating.

Christopher said that “When I saw Faye again I was gobsmacked by how beautiful she was and fell for her immediately. It took me some time to get my head around the fact that she used to be my best friend Kevin but I never looked at her in any other way other that the fact she is a gorgeous woman. 

Chris and Faye picture

Faye said “Nnow he had really grown into a handsome young man and Iwas very attracted to him right from the start, plus I had that feeling that he was also liking me too.

After dating for about 3 years, they are now planning to have their dream wedding and start a family. Miss Purdham had his sperm frozen before he changed his gender.

"We are so excited for our future. I still can’t believe that all this is happening and that Christopher has fallen in love with me given our backgrounds says Faye.

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