YUUUM! Hungry Buffalo licks tourists for food!

A funny video of a lady and a hungry buffalo in the Olympic Game Farm in Washington.

One buffalo sticks its whole head into the car to take the food.

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Zoos in some places are allowing people to get closer and feed animals in their natural habitat.

And so Caroline Walker Evans had this very unforgettable experience when she holds out a piece of bread from the window and as the hungry buffalos approach her and all of a sudden one buffalo sticks its head inside the car‘s window to take the piece of bread, but it didn’t stop there!

Keeping up with the car, the buffalo winds its long tongue around the food and licks Caroline as it devours it.

Eating the bread the buffalo puts its head back through the car’s window, making Caroline scream in excitement she drops another piece of bread into the buffalo’s long tongue.

Another lady in the car shouts: “Windows up guys, windows up,”

Buffalo extends head and licks woman after finishing food

And after receiving its final piece of bread, the mammal extends its head even further in through the window to give the woman a great big lick.

“This buffalo chased and licked us while we were feeding him and the other deer in the park.” Said Caroline

"A lot of people said it looked like he tried to French kiss me," she added. "I'm like, 'OK, you've got to take me out to dinner now.'"

The Olympic Game Farm in Washington was opened in public and became a popular destination in 1972.

It is now a drive-through zoo, where in tourists can feed and interact with animals which includes buffalos, deer, bear, yak, llamas, and elk.

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