You won't believe what this man's bag can do.

This internet of things age, everything is possible. What do you think is in the man’s bag?

What is in the bag?
See and discover on the video below.

In the internet of things age, everything can be found on internet. Your distant relatives, your kindergarten best friends, even your scariest teacher during your grade school. Also, there are bad side of this age. Spamming and cyber bullying are among those things.

How about identity thief? Yes, this can be done if your social media account has been hacked or your credit card was captured during your online transactions. However, on the video, the man just skimmed your card by hovering his mysterious bag.

The man is from the Identity Stronghold and he is not a thief. They conduct this test to protect the customer from identity thief. The man carries a credit card reader, which is the same card reader in stores. This utilizes a radio frequency to read your card details. This can be a dream come thru from robbers so you need to be extra careful when you are carrying your credit card. 

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You won't believe what this man's bag can do. You won't believe what this man's bag can do. Reviewed by TrendSpot on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 Rating: 5

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