Reporter, na-high dahil sa ibinabalita niya

Watch why this reporter gets high with the burning leaves on live TV

Sometimes a reporter needs to do what he needs to be do fulfill his job. And now, he needs to deliver this news on live television.

A British Reporter was reporting live on the place where the Soldiers needs to dispose the some leaves. The Journalist is standing in front of them and they seem not to care.

The Reporter started to deliver his breaking news.

The field Reporter did not expect that the burning of the leaves can lead him in a very high situation. The smoke and fume gets into his post and leaves a different sensation. The Reporter looses it composure and cannot focus on the task.

The Journalist is having a hard time reporting the situation.

The Camera Operator realizes the effects of the burning leaves and asked the reporter to try it again. It takes around 5 retakes to deliver the news correctly. On the retakes, he pauses and trying to think what to say next. He asked to cut the camera while swiping his eyes because of the smoke from the burning leaves.

The News Man tries to concentrate.

On his second take, you cannot understand what the correspondent is talking about. He rambled all the words and looking at the pile of burning leaves.

It is a painstaking job to do but he needs to deliver it.

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