Natural Treatments Options NOT Chemotherapy to fight Cancer

Cancer has become the second cause of death in the Philippines, next to heart disease. The top 5 cancers leading to death according to the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology are: lung cancer, breast cancer, colon and rectal cancer, liver cancer, and uterine and cervical cancer. Lung cancer also tops the list in the US (National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society) and UK (Cancer Research UK).

  Natural Treatments Options NOT Chemotherapy to fight Cancer
Natural Treatments Options NOT Chemotherapy to fight Cancer

We dread and fear a cancer diagnosis due to its killer nature. We have lost a lot of our loved ones to cancer. Rate of deaths have increased steadily for decades while ages of patients have gone down. Cancer now occurs in young adults, ages 20 to 39.

I was not spared and I have my own story to tell.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in February 2015 after I have gone through a video assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) procedure. Surgical Pathological report stated that it was metastases from breast cancer (Stage 1). I acquired breast cancer almost 10 years ago wherein during that time I underwent a grueling treatment course of 6 sessions of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a conventional treatment along with surgery and radiation given to cancer patients. These are all invasive forms of treatments and very expensive.

Battered by the effects of chemo, my next treatment was an oral drug that I have to take for 5 years, which will most likely lead to another cancer. This prompted me to know more about the disease and other treatments as who would want another cancer?? I started researching and learned about alternative treatments. Cancer patients have another option to fight cancer!

A friend referred me to a biomedical doctor. Biomed doctors unlike conventional doctors consider physiological, biochemical and nutritional factors in designing treatments for their patients. “Biomedical approach” is a new term that describes one part of an integrated approach in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness and optimizing health. It includes looking at contributing factors and triggers, a holistic, individualized approach that would produce the best outcome for patients since each patient’s situation differs as we are all made differently. (I will discuss more about biomedicine and my treatment protocol on my next articles.)

After our consultations she created treatment protocols, all non-invasive specifically for my concern. This involved nutrition and natural therapies. Along the years, treatments would change depending on specific medical concerns I have. I was on remission for almost 10 years I thought I had said goodbye to the disease...until my diagnosis of Lung cancer in February last year.

After my diagnosis, treatment option was only to undergo chemotherapy just to gain 3-5 years of life, IF my body responds well with the drugs. If I don’t do chemo, I would only have 1-2 years according to my surgeon while one oncologist insensitively said 6-8 months.

An estimated treatment cost of around P300,000 and the terrible side effects to go with that didn’t give me a hard time to decide. This time I refused chemotherapy and chose to take the alternative treatment. I know more about cancer now and alternative treatments that prove more effective in prolonging life than the conventional treatments. Yes, alternative treatments give more promising results! I did it for 10 years and I will do it again.

While 5 to 10 percent of cancer cases are due to genetic defects, 90-95 percent are due to environmental and lifestyle factors. By being diligent with screenings and avoiding triggers such as smoking, poor nutrition, stress, heavy alcohol use, obesity and low activity levels, many cancer-related deaths are theoretically preventable.

Right after my lung surgery, I went back to my biomed doctor and we started a new treatment protocol to address my condition. I still continue to research on natural treatments and it has been my cause to pass what I know to people who would be needing and interested. I have proven that it pays to know more about your illness and treatments that your doctors do not tell you about.

By the grace of God I turned one year last February. Currently, I’m working fulltime as a Technical Writer (for the past 10 years), a part time blogger and a mom to 3 daughters.

Call me Isabelle and join me in my journey...

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