Man sleeps with dead Wife for more than 10 years

Till death do us part. They say that love lasts even after death. Every one of us has a different way of dealing with the loss of our loved ones, and it is not usual to miss them when they have already passed away. And there comes a time when we have to let go. But this man can't let go of her loved one emotionally, mentally, and even physically!

Le Van, 55-year-old from Quang Nam province in Vietnam, lost his wife, Pham Thi Suong, in 2003. He still believes that she is still with him in many ways.

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Le Van has been sleeping beside his wife for almost 10 years already

Le Van and Thi Soung parents are close neighbors, their parents both promised to match their children when they grow up. That's why Le Van and Thi Soung didn't love each other but they still got married. But after getting married, they both learned to love each other and lived in happiness.

They were carpenters and a well-off family, but when Le Van got involved into an illegal lotto their income went downhill. He was forced to sell his spacious house and just build a small one for them. But Le Van didn't let his wife work hard. They have seven children. And their love still remains the same despite of what happened to them.

When Thi Soung died, Le Van couldn't sleep at night without hugging his wife, he slept on top of her wife for 20 months, but when he couldn't stand the rain and wind, he decided to dig a tunnel from his house to his wife’s grave, so he could sleep beside her wife.

I'm a person that does things differently. I'm not like normal people,
Le Van said.

In 2004, Le Van decided to dig up her wife's remains and brought her home. He wrapped her body in flesh colored paper and covered her skull with a clay mask that he painted it in her likeness. He also dressed his wife like a human-sized doll.

My wife's body only passed away but her spirit still accompanies us. I have no fear when it comes to sleeping with her at all.

Local authorities are said to be planning an inspection of the case because of new sanitation laws that rule a body must be cremated or buried, and that burials cannot be carried out in residential gardens without approval.

Le Van has been staying with his dead wife's corpse for 10 years, even if other people are against it. He buys clothes, makeups, and other things that his wife needs just like a living person.

When my wife was alive, she never wore a nice dress so now I have to make many nice clothes for her. I change clothes for her twice a day. People said I'm crazy because I take care of a corpse but I strongly believe that she is always with me. I'll definitely sleep with her dead body until I die,
Le Van said.

Until death do us part.

Sources: nollygrio on YouTube

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