Madonna falls off the stage during a performance!

Madonna falls off the stage during her performance in  the recent Brit awards. What she did right after will amaze you.

Madonna falls off the stage
Madonna falls off the stage

Madonna performed during the recent Brit Awards. She was wearing a cape like the one worn by matadors and as she was on the edge of a stage and ready to sing the first line of her song Living of Love something happened……the Queen of Pop fell off the stage!

How did this happen?

Apparently she was trying to untie the cape but was unable to finish it right before a dancer, who was below the stage, started pulling the cape away. She ended up being dragged off the stage, down a flight of stairs and the 56 year old performer finally landed on the floor below.

The audience took a collective gasps. Was it part of the act? Everyone was clueless. Everyone waited. Then it seemed apparent that Madonna dropped the microphone and was barely singing. It was then when people realized that something did go wrong.

Suddenly Madonna was next seen standing up, pulling herself together and began singing her song back on the stage like nothing happened. Madonna ended the song that even involved dancing and showed no sign of pain whatsoever from the mishap that happened just minutes ago.

The queen of pop has proven once again that no amount of wardrobe malfunction can get in the way of her professionalism. It was then when everybody realized that they really were in the presence of a royalty of the entertainment industry.

But is she really ok even after the show?

Madonna posted this in her IG, "Armani hooked me up! My beautiful cape was tied too tight! But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I'm fine!"

So if you're one of her gazillions of fans all over the world, you can stop worrying now. The Material Girl is safe and well.

Madonna started rising to stardom in the 80's and has been in the entertainment industry for almost four decades now. She popularized a number of hit songs like Papa Don't Preach, Like a Virgin, Borderline, Like a Prayer, Vogue, and many more. She also has a string of successful movies like A League of Their Own, Die Another Day, Evita etc.

Watch this video showing that moment when she fell down.

Credits to the youtube video's uploader.

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