Ahas, nakalunok ng isang kakaibang bagay

Looks like a Python enjoyed its whole meal, including the wok

Most of these serpents eat every living things. An anaconda can eat any animal that is twice of its body circumference but this python has a different thing on his mind.

It seems that snakes eat everything from mouse to a huge buffalo.

What do you think this python consumed (Screenshot from the video)

However, a viral photo showing that the python ate something out of the extraordinary. A large wok is bulging on the python's body and the internet world is going crazy whether the scene is real or fake.

If the photo is real and then, the poor snake accidentally swallowed a cooking pan! The volunteers and veterinarians might be placed under the hot oven eyes of the public because they might have a hard time removing the wok.

But if the picture is just a creation of an extraordinary mind of an artist, then we can all relax and enjoy another out of this world exhibit.

What do you think, is this a real snakey problem or an amazing art project? Kindly share us your thoughts.

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