Happiest Birthday to the World’s Oldest Living Cat!

Bring out your gifts, party hats, and coolest cake. Today we celebrate Tiffany Two’s 125th birthday!

Tiffany Two is celebrating her 125th birthday in human years, but 27 years for cats.

According to the Guinness World Records, 27 years for cats is about 125 years for us humans, making Tiffany the world’s oldest living cat.

A week ago, the World’s oldest human celebrated her 117th birthday, so we can probably say that Tiffany is technically older than her!

Sharron Voorhees, Tiffany’s owner, bought the cat from a pet store in 1988. She named her Tiffany Two in honor of her tortoiseshell cat she owned in the‘70s because the two looked similar.

Sharron describes her as “not feeble and still able to go up and down stairs.”

According to Sharron, despite Tiffany Two’s age, she still has a very good sight and hearing.

“I’ve always said that was the best $10 I ever spent,” said Sharron. "We take our blood pressure medications every day together. She’s probably in better shape than I am,"

Sharron is throwing a party for Tiffany Two featuring cupcakes with fish decorations, liver mousse, goldfish crackers, and champagne for her human guests.

Sharron doesn’t know the secret to Tiffany Two’s long life, and the cat wanted to beat the oldest cat ever, she still has plenty of years to go!

Crème Puff in Texas is still the oldest cat for living an incredible 38 years in earth!

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