Fun facts about Sea Pigs.

Sea pigs are not just your ordinary “land” pigs nor a flying pig. These are not where your fattylious bacon was made.

The sea pig (credits to

Scotoplanes or Sea Pigs are abundant in oceans around the world. It consist of more than 95% of all animals on the floor of the deepest sea. However, most people will never catch a glimpse of a sea pigs because they live in the coldest and deepest parts of the sea.

Sea pig is a type of a sea cucumber. they are echinoderms. Echinoderms is a group of marine life that includes starfish and sea urchins.

They have a very important role in the marine ecosystem as well. Here are some fun facts about this cute but vital little piggies:
  1. Sea pigs have a bloated legs and plump, oval-shaped salmon-colored bodies. This is where they earned their name because of their shape.
  2. They grow up to 4-6 inches long which can enough to put it in your palm
  3. They were first discovered in 1882 by a zoologist Hjalmar Théel from Sweden. There are 65 new species discovered during the expedition from 1872-1876
  4. Sea Pigs have ten to fourteen enlarged tube. This tube used for walking on the seabed. They are hydraulically employed which can be inflated or deflated while moving.
  5. They don’t have any antennae. They are just feet located on their top of their head. It helps them to propel along the ocean or can be use as a sensor to detect a chemicals or a delicious meal
  6. Sea pigs is a good host as well because they can host different weird parasites including snails and crustaceans. These leeches will drill a hole and feed on them internally
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