Real Life Zombie in Indonesia

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead Series? Scared of those who return from the dead? Well, in Indonesia they have this ritual called Ma'nene, or The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses, and takes place in Toraja in South Sulawesi.

The dead bodies are dragged from where they died back to the village,
always following a path of straight lines (Image credits to

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A ceremony in Tana Toraja Regency of South Sulawesi Island in Indonesia, the deceased, having dead outside their place of birth, are being revived so that they may walk back to their place to be properly laid to rest.

They say that the Ma'nene ritual is more important than marriage and birth in Toraja culture.

Families in Toraja in South Sulawesi dig up the bodies of their dead relatives before washing, grooming and dressing them in fancy new clothes.

Families raised their deceased relatives from their graves, dress them with clothes,
Groom them, fix their hair and repair their coffins. (Image credits to

According to one, in the ancient past, it was believed that a dead man must be buried in the village that he was born in, and not at the place of his death. Since villages then were far apart, it was difficult for family members to carry the corpse from one village to another.

Certain people would do rituals that made the dead man walk, and the dead man would be able to walk back to the village where he was born.

The villagers believe death is a long process, and that it takes many years for the deceased to work their way through it, finally reaching afterlife.
In the ancient past, it was believed that a dead man must be buried in his
village of origin, and not at the place of his death. (Image credits to

A problem arises when a family cannot afford all of the arrangements. So what they do is make use of a temporary coffin, until they gather enough money and collect all of the funds. Once the permanent coffin has been made ready, the dead are actually raised and made to walk into it.

According to the ancient Torajan belief system, the spirit of a dead person must return to his village of origin.

So if a person died on a journey, the family would go to the place of death and accompany the deceased back home by walking them back to the village.

The dead aren't buried underground, but rather placed in caves or stone graves to make recovering them easier.

When the people of Tana Toraja die, they are often placed in boxes which are then placed in tombs carved out of solid rock, high up on limestone cliffs.

These wooden effigies is called tau-tau (Image credits to

There are wooden effigies called tau-tau, which are made for the most prominent members of society.

The bodies are returned to their graves once the ceremony is over.

Creepy right?

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