WATCH: Man beats his "Online Goddess Girlfriend" upon meeting her for the first time

We've seen the magical transformation powers of makeup many times before. Especially now with hundreds of apps that can change one's appearance in different social media sites. And this man had learned the hard way after meeting his "goddess" girlfriend in person.

This is the picture of his “goddess” girlfriend in Wechat

A man in China spent thousands of dollars to finally meet his online girlfriend, only to get such a rude shock when he saw her that he turned violent.

The pair was acquainted via Wechat. The "goddess" appeared to be stunning on her pictures - she had small oval shaped face, big eyes with fair and rosy skin.

The man, Huang, is from Harbin in Northeast China, while the woman, Xiaojin, is from Suzhou and working at Wenzhou Bridge.

Mr. Huang, was mesmerized by her online appearance and couldn't help but requested to meet up with "goddess". He flew a thousand miles and spent thousands of dollars just to meet his "goddess" girlfriend. He literally flew from north eastern to south eastern China just too finally see his "online goddess" for real. Mr. Huang dreamed of meeting a beautiful and sexy woman, but when he saw her, he beat her into a pulp.

He was welcomed by the shock of his life when he saw his "goddess", who was a far cry from the pictures on her Wechat profile. She was twice the size of what he had expected, dark and filled with acne unlike the flawless girl that he was attracted to.

Mr. Huang, asked in disbelief
You can't be XXX, right? How can there be such a huge difference?

It's me. It's just that the photo had been edited and I was wearing makeup. This is my bare face.
Xiaojin answered

The two of them continued arguing about her "lying" about her appearance, and eventually Huang became so upset he apparently assaulted Xiaojin inside the public place they’d agreed to meet up.

The commotion led to both of them being in the police station, where the issue was finally resolved amicably.

From today onwards, I will never believe in online romance ever again!
Mr. Huang's final words before flying back home the very day.

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