WATCH: Giant Fish bites Russian Diver's hand, refuses to let go

A man tried to catch a fish, but the fish ended up catching him. Can he escape?

Anglerfish, or more popularly known as the sea devil, are deep-sea dwellers. They are bony fish named for their characteristic mode of predation.

Man. vs. Sea Devil
Man vs. Sea devil

A man found himself in a bizarre situation. Suddenly, for some reason, his hand landed inside the mouth of this notorious sea devil.

The man tried to use a thick wood to force the mouth open. But the devil's mouth won't be budged and it only made the devil more angry with its fully functional set of teeth cutting deeper into the man's flesh that made the latter screech in pain.

A definite man-vs-beast moment raged on. With the man trying to pull his hands off and the fish trying to suck in that little trapped meat inside its mouth; treating it like any regular sea creature it has been accustomed to devour under the ocean.

Another man helped and cut the side of the creature's mouth. Still the devil firmly held on to its prey.

The man came back bearing a steel pipe.

With the combined strength of the two grown men, a thick wood and a hard steel pipe, the innate strength of the sea devil finally gave in and its tenaciously fatal mouth eventually opened and released the hand of the man.

The man was lucky to have freed himself from an almost captain-hook incident with only some few scratches. Though he may have to nurse his hand for some days thereafter, there's no doubt that his escape from the devil's grip will be one story that will be shared among his friends and families for years to come.

See the little battle that happened between the men and the fish.

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