First test tube baby penguin says hello!

Flapping her way to the world from a defrosted semen.

Magellanic penguin named 184 (credits to DailyMail)

The world first Magellanic penguin, named as 184, was conceived by using artificial insemination at the SeaWorld in California.

On her first four week, she was fed with a mixture of ground herring fillets, krills, minerals, vitamins and water five times a day.

This was a outcome of a decade of exploration lead by Dr. Todd Robeck, Vice President of Theriogenology in SeaWorld, and Dr. Justine O’Brien, Scientific Director. As Dr. O’Brien said “The goal of our research centre is to study a species’ reproductive biology, to learn as much as we can about that, and use this to not only monitor the health of not only our zoological populations but wild populations as well. We have also use this information to develop system reproductive technologies such as artificial insemination and semen preservation. These technologies are important conservation tools as they allow us to maximise the genetic diversity of these populations and ensure there’s sustainability into the long term.”

Using natural breeding and assisted reproductive technologies, it maintains the genetically diverse and sustainable populations of these species.

Did you know that Magellanic penguins are found in Falkland Islands and in South America. They usually grow at 27 inches and weights at around 8.8 pounts. The breeding process begins in September. The wild Magellanic penguins build their nest before laying an egg in October. The incubation period takes around 40 days.

On its 30 days, the chick already developed their features which signals them to leave the nest.

There are 1.8 million breeding pairs of Magellanic penguins around the globe.

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