Brands that you are probably pronouncing wrong

How to you pronounce Addidas or Hermès? You might be surprise that you are mistaken in reading it.

In our previous article, we tackle how the proper way to pronounce different countries.

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How to pronounce Adidas?

Here is the proper way to pronounce those brands:

1. Hermès - a brand that was established in 1837 by a French / Germany fashion designer Thierry Hermès.

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INCORRECT: her-mees
CORRECT: air-mehz

2. Stila - was began in 1994 by a famous make-up artist Jeanine Lobell. The name was acquire from a Italian word "stilare" which means "to pen".

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3. Givenchy - specialized in perfume industry. This was introduced in 1952 by a french designer Hubert de Givenchy. Back then it was called as "House of Givenchy".

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INCORRECT: gah-vin-chee
CORRECT: zhee-vhan-she

4. Porsche - a German car manufacturer that design sports cars. It was first marketed in 1931 by an Austrian engineer named Ferdinand Porsche.

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5. Saucony - it was introduced on 1898 by Abraham Hyde, who is a Russian immigrant. The first factory was built in Saucony Creek hence the name was originated. This brand specializing on Sportwear.

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INCORRECT: sow-cone-ee

6. Boehringer Ingelheim - a German Pharmaceuticals company built in 1885.

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INCORRECT: buh-ring-grr ing-gull-em
CORRECT:  bear-ring-her ing-ell-hime

7. Adidas - a multinational German sportwear manufacturer that was introduced in 1924.

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INCORRECT: uh-deed-ahs
CORRECT: AH-dee-das

8. Stella Artois - a Belgium beer manufacturer. Sebastien Artois brew the first beer in 1717.

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INCORRECT: stell-ah ar-twahs
CORRECT: steh-lah are-twa 

9. Kinerase - it is an award-winning anti-aging skin care product. 

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INCORRECT: kin-eh-res
CORRECT: kine-e-race

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