Will you take her for a date? Think twice before asking her out!

This woman shows her demure side for a ride of your life. Will you ask her for a date this Valentines Day?

She seems to be gentle to be true

She seems to be harmless showing her modest side when meeting her blind dates. She says that she just moved here, asking their hobbies, she is not into extreme sports like zip lining.

After their small talk, she will ask her date to go out and her car is parked outside. One of her blind dates told her that her car is freaking awesome because she is driving a 2015 Ford Mustang. She also told her date that she doesn't know how to drive a manual-gear car. A guy asked her if she wants him to drive her car and another guy told her that he will show what this muscled car can do.

Her in a shiny red sports car

The guys didn't expect that she is a professional stunt driver because arriving at the location she revs up the sport car. Showing off her moves, burning the tires and making sharp turns. One of the guys holds to his seat when she said that she made a wrong turn while the car is running more than 120 kilometers per hour.

One of her stunts

Some of the guys were surprised on what she can do in-front of the steering wheel. One of the guy felt nervous. One of his blind date ask her "Why we are going so fast?" and almost cry! This is what speed date all about!

He almost cried for help

The lady stunt driver is based in L.A. She is Prestin Persson, where her mother is also a professional driver as well. The director select Prestin because he said“Prestin does a lot of car-to-car stuff, She does rallies. A lot of what she is able to do we couldn’t because of safety. People in the car had no idea what she was doing.” Prestin is also a teacher at Willow Springs which driving her students to get a good grade at school.

This guy seems got frightened with her stunts

See the video below on how she pulled off her stunts to her blind dates:

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