Next Attraction: Frozen Fever

Frozen's short story sequel is coming in theaters this March.

Scene from Frozen Fever
Scene from Frozen Fever

Are you one of those who became addicted to hearing or actually singing the somewhat "national anthem"  "Let It Go"? Well brace yourselves because winter is coming once again with this great comeback of our beloved animated story in this Disney's short story offering entitled "Frozen Fever".

It is the much anticipated sequel to the 2013 mega blockbuster hit Frozen.

Anna is having a birthday party and around this new celebration a new adventure awaits the sisters. Will they be able to conquer the new challenges that are bound to come their way? We'll just have to watch and probably sing on the side once again.

It features the original crew, including Anna (Kristen Bell), Elsa (Idina Menzel), Olaf (Josh Gad), Sven (Jonathan Groff). It will debut in theaters and will be shown before every run of Walt Disney Pictures' Cinderella starting March 13, 2015.

So parents, children and kids of all ages, be ready. They are coming back. As we all know, the cold, the watching of Frozen and the never-ending singing of their theme songs never bothered us anyway.

Watch the freezing trailer here:

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