6 year-old girl dies after being eaten by PIRANHAS!

A 6-year-old Brazilian girl was killed by a piranha attack after her boat capsized on Jan. 27, 2015.

Piranhas are freshwater fish with razor-sharp teeth,
and travel in large shoals for protection from predators

The Daily Mail reports that the little girl was on holiday with her grandparents in Rio Maicuru, in Monte Alegre, when the accident occurred.

The girl, named as Adrila Muniz was in the canoe with her mother, grandparents and four other children when a thunderstorm struck and the canoe capsized, throwing the children overboard in a body of water in Monte Alegre, the Ariquemes Agora newspaper reported.

Adverse weather caused it to turn over and the children were plunged into the water in Monte Alegre, Brazilian newspaper Ariquemes Agora reports.

The grandmother managed to pull the other children to safety, but Adrila was found in a pool of blood with piranhas spotted nearby.

"I tried to hold on to her, but with all the other children around she slipped out of my grasp," the grandmother reportedly told local media, in quotes published by the Times.

The adults hastened to rescue the children, but by the time they got to the girl, the flesh from her legs was already devoured by piranhas with razor-sharp teeth.

The body was sent to the morgue of the Municipal Hospital of Monte Alegre and and graphic post-mortem photographs show that virtually all the flesh was stripped from her legs and was subsequently released to family members for burial.

A five-year-old girl from Brazil, named Aline Nery de Ara├║jo, died in 2012 after being attacked by the fish.

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