Mysterious Human-like creature found in Mexico

Sometime around May 11, 2007, a wealthy Mexican rancher named Marao Lopez found this creature, less than one foot tall, in a steel trap. The property was in Metepec, Mexico.

A living “alien baby” in May 2007 in a farm animal in the trap is captured.

For nights, the creature howled and screamed in pain that no one dared to go nearer or make it stop shouting.

The men had finally decided to kill the creature, they doused it in acid to make it stop screaming and they are afraid that it could escape. This caused it to die and become mummified.
Lopez handed the corpse over to university scientists in 2009 that carried out DNA tests and imaging scans. The scientists then announced the results of their tests on this strange corpse.

The creature appeared to be the size of a mouse yet looked like a small human being but had a long tail.

Scientists conducted an investigation. For the detection of this organism showed that bio does not belong to any known organisms on Earth.

Its physical structure similar to the characteristics of lizards
but there are parts that resemble humans

“As far as I can see, the photo and the video are the same thing: a small primate from which someone removed the skin and part of the muscles. A squirrel-monkey is a good guess”, said Maria Guimarães from Ciência e Idéias

“I would guess it could be a species of Tamarin, since the position of the eyes is a little farther apart than in the squirrel monkeys. The size of the cranium does not help to clarify things, but it’s bigger in the squirrel-monkeys. In any event, it’s indeed just a baby primate,” added Portuguese Biologist Bruno Galrido, author of Macacologia. “Poor creature, it must have lost itself and ended up in a trap”.

Tests revealed a creature that is unknown to scientists – its skeleton has characteristics of a lizard, its teeth do not have any roots like humans and it could stay underwater for a long time.

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