Surprise your date on Valentines Day with this extraordinary gift!

Three weeks to go and its Valentines Day and this Japan low-cost phone manufacturer had created a device that is suitable for celebrating this lovely occasion.

from Y-Mobile

EAccess Ltd designed a heart shaped mobile phone called Heart 401AB. They thought that the concept in response to fashion and woman can expect that this items can trend with feelings. The mobile phone is tightly fit even for a small hands, it has a light and compact body. It has a round form, which is easy to hold.

Pearl Red (left), Pearl Black (right).

The heart-shaped figured can be use during standby. It has a sophisticated texture that looks far better, a liquid crystal display that emerge in touch sensor and body. The phone weights not more than 54g and can fit in your purse because it is 6.8 cm in height.

Aside from being a heart shape, it can be transformed into a peanut

Here is the other details of the phone:

Size (width × height × thickness) About 68 × 68 × 26mm (heart-shaped at the time)
about 43 × 93 × 26mm (when straight-through)
WeightAbout 54g
LCD Screen0.9 inches
Resolution128 × 36 dot
Full charge timeAbout 3 hours (during the measurement)
Talk timeAbout 2 hours (during the measurement)
Between successive standby timeAbout 160 hours (during the measurement) ※ 1
Phone book100 cases (1 phone number per 1)

The company is planning to release this phone late March 2015. They also tied up with Bandai to create a Sailor Moon version of the phone.

Sailormoon inspired phone (from Bandai)

One more thing, did you know that in Japan, during valentines day, the girl who gives gift to boy. After a month or so, the men who will give gift to the women he likes.

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