Trailer for ‘Tragic Theater’ is cleared for showing

Tragic Theater trailer had received the X rating from the MTRCB twice because it was “too scary”, effectively ruling it unfit for public exhibition — at least, on TV and cinema screens.

The trailer was given a rating of “Parental Guidance” on its second review by the regulatory board.

The trailer for “Tragic Theater” has already been cleared for public exhibition, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) said on Thursday.

Screenshot from the trailer

Viva Film, the producer of the film, released the uncut trailer of “Tragic Theater” on Youtube last December 12 and has already gained over 600 thousand views.

“Tragic Theater” is based on the novel of the same by G.M. Coronel about a group of spirit communicators who in 1999 attempted to exorcise the ghosts of laborers who had been reportedly buried alive in the bowels of the Manila Film Center during its construction in 1981.

According to MTRCB's implementing rules and regulations, a film or trailer is given a Rated X or is said “not suitable for public exhibition” if the Board deems it depicting “a patently lewd, offensive, or demeaning manner, excretory functions and sexual conduct; clearly constitutes an attack against any race, creed, or religion; and condones or encourages the use of illegal drugs and substances.”

The movie stars Andi Eigenmann, John Estrada and Christopher de Leon.

The movie is set to open in January 2015.

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