The next big thing in driving! Its like driving into the future.

Here is the next big thing in driving. Introducing the Navdy, a HeadUp Display (HUD), which is the same technology used by airline pilot to land a commercial airplane, to access the app on their smartphone. This keeps the driver safe while steering the wheel.

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Navdy is a HUD car console which allows the driver to access their smartphone without touching and looking on their device. It is not just an ordinary device inside your car. Using a high quality projector, gesture and voice control, the driver is focus in driving while answering the call, sending a text message and navigating to their destination.

Navdy offers a bright transparent display where the image appears feet from the windshield, this allows the driver to focus their eyes on the road while navigating or answering incoming calls. With voice and gesture controls, it allows the driver looking at the road while navigating tot he Navdy menus using hand gestures, accessing complex commands and sending text messages thru voice command.

Navdy works in any car, compatible with any Android and iOS smartphones, controls navigation, music and social media apps and it doesn’t need any subscription to the internet.

Navdy is currently on pre-sale, you can place your order on their website. Navdy sells at a discounted price of $299 (Php 13350).

Navdy is like driving to the future!


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