Philippines Disqualified From Beauty Pageants For The Next Two Years

Year 2013 has been quite the year for the Philippines in the pageant world. Megan Young was crowned Miss World 2013 and Mutya Datul was crowned Miss Supranational 2013. In fact, every new international beauty competition has seen a Filipina winning the title or placing in the top 5.

Megan Young, Miss World 2013

Mutya Datul, Miss Supranational 2013

The newest addition to this list is Annalie Forbes who recently became third runner up in the Miss Grand International Beauty Pageant in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Philippines killed it in the pageant world last year, in fact a post published on satirical Filipino blog Adobo Chronicles titled “Philippines Disqualified from Beauty Pageants for the Next Two Years” spread like wildfire on the Internet, prompting online versions of The Times of India and Latin Times to debunk the “rumor.”

According to The Adobo Chronicles, the Association of Beauty Pageant Franchise Holders (ABPFH) has banned the Philippines from future international beauty competitions, citing “enormous advantage” by Filipina candidates in practically all pageants this year. ABPFH has decided “to give other countries the chance to win international beauty competitions.”

People actually believe this rumor from The Adobo Chronicles. In fact, the site literally says “Everything you read on this site is based on fact, except for the lies”.

It would seem rather odd and unfair to ban the Philippines from all international pageants simply because they’ve been doing a good job. The “Association of Beauty Pageant Franchise Holders (ABPFH)” appears to be something potentially made up. Ultimately, this news would not make sense.

So don’t worry Philippines, the country is Not Banned from future beauty contests.

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