Introducing the world's first bionic pop artist.

See how this world's first bionic beauty make a scene in the pop music in her first bionic music video.

Viktoria on steel legs

Viktoria Modesta, a 26-year-old pop singer, performed at the X-Factor UK during the commercial break for her latest music video called “Prototype”. Channel 4 paid 200,000 euros for a spot to promote their “Born Risky” campaign.

Viktoria on silver legs

Viktoria is long, lean and unmistakably stunning. She was born in Latvia. She voluntary went for an amputation at age 20 because of an accident during her birth that affected her limbs to grow.

The “Prototype” music video was directed by Saam Farahmand where Viktoria dances, stomps, and writhes to the electro-pop tune. She was equipped with a different kinds of prosthetic limbs that was designed by The Alternative Limb Project.
Viktoria dances like a marionette

On the last part of the video, Viktoria performs a ballerina dance using cable wires that make her a marionette together with here pointed metal prosthetic spikes. This gives a sound which is the same as sharpening a knife.

“We’re limitless, we’re not confined,” Viktoria sings.

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