DIY Embossed Christmas cards

Because the holiday season is already here, create stunning Christmas cards for people you love. Christmas cards need not be expensive and can be simple to prepare. You just need a little ingenuity and patience.

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The materials you will need:
  • Thick special papers (white or any color you wish, cut to the size you want)
  • Rubber stamp with few pre made simple designs
  • A toning or clear ink
  • Glitters or embossing powder - red (for the white paper) or copper (for the colored ones)
  • Hairdryer

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1. Apply your stamp with either a toning or clear ink to the card (make sure it is the right way up first!).

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2. Next cover the stamped area in embossing powder then shake off onto a loose piece of paper you can use to tip the powder back into the pot with.

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3. Make sure you brush any loose pieces of embossing powder off the edges of your design as they will be fixed once heated.

4. Hold the hairdryer over the design moving it around and allowing the embossing powder to melt.

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Have you ever created your own Christmas cards?

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