Cicret wristband turns your arm into a touch screen

There is a tiny new wristband can project a tablet interface onto your arm, effectively turning it into a smartphone every time you twist your wrist.

Created by French startup Cicret, the SKIN bracelet projects electronic images onto a user’s forearm, effectively turning the skin’s surface into a touchscreen Android interface.

Cicret Bracelet

With wearables gaining some traction, smartphones and tablets are by no means the only mobile devices around nowadays. Now, though, Cicret is looking to take things a step farther and turn your arm into a smartphone.

The Cicret Bracelet comprises a pico projector and a row of eight proximity sensors that point towards the user's forearm. It operates as a standalone device and, when activated with a twist of the wrist, projects an Android interface onto the users arm, much like Chris Harrison's Skinput research.

The proximity sensors detect where the user’s finger and fingers are and allow
them to interact with interface as they would any other Android device.

The device will allow users to send and receive emails, browse the web and play games. It will also be possible for users to pair it with an existing smartphone, answer incoming phone calls and activate the speakerphone functionality on their smartphone.

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The bracelet comes with an embedded memory card, processor, accelerometer, vibrator, Bluetooth functionality, a USB port, and Wi-Fi.

The Cicret Bracelet’s Components

The Cicret Bracelet features an accelerometer and a vibration module, along with an LED for notifications. It is expected to be made available in 16 GB and 32 GB models.

Cicret Bracelet Colors

Cicret co-founder Guillaume Pommier tells Gizmag that the first prototype is due for completion in about three weeks’ time.

Cicret is in the process of raising funds for the further development and production of the Bracelet, but Pommier says he expects the device to reach the mass market within a year and a half. The device could cost up to $400, he says, based on what the company's research suggests people would be willing to pay.

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