$2 million spills onto Hong kong Highway

It's raining money! A security van spilled nearly $2 million in cash onto a major Hong Kong highway on Wednesday during Christmas Eve. The incident brought traffic to a halt as people jumped out of their cars and scrambled to get up money.

People getting out of their cars to pick up the
money that fell from the van

Police, some of them armed with armed with shotguns, helmets and bulletproof vests, rushed to the scene to secure the area.

According to South China Morning Post, more than fifty-two million Hong Kong dollars fell from the van onto the road. It was not clear how much officers managed to retrieve and how much had been pocketed by members of the public. Police said the money grab resulted in a loss of HK $15.23 million or $2 million U.S.

The van was transporting a total of 30 containers of cash from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon on the opposite side of Victoria Harbour.

Officers armed with rifles and wearing bulletproof vests were seen guarding the three containers that had fallen onto the road. Police sealed off the affected lanes of the highway to retrieve the loose cash.

TV footage showed pedestrians dashing in from
the sidewalk to join in the Christmas Eve melee.

Police said that three containers carrying HK $15.23 million in cash slid out if the van through the rear door, which wasn’t properly closed.

According to the police after the incident there would likely be no charges for those who returned the funds. But by Thursday evening, around 27 people returned money and two people were arrested. The suspects were accused of stealing and hiding the money from their houses.

The Bank of China released a statement regarding the incident and said, the G4S security company, “apologized for the incident” and would pay for all the losses incurred.

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