Woman had sperm extracted from dying Fiancé so she can have their baby

A Tucson, Arizona woman will soon have the child she’s always wanted, even after a tragic motorcycle accident took her fiancé’s life.

After a horrible bike accident that left 25-year-old Cameron Robinett mind lifeless, his household was confronted with the tough resolution to show off his life support machines.

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While all the way in which, Stephanie Lucas, Robinett’s 22-year-old fiancée, devastated with reminiscences of the type man whom she’d deliberate to construct a household with, considered an impeccable plan.

The deceased man wanted nothing more than children, so the family decided to go forward with the approximately $9,000 sperm extraction.

The procedure is time-sensitive, so, Lucas took to the Internet. She started a GoFundMe page that explained the situation.

She wrote,
In lieu of flowers or gifts to honor Cameron, we’re asking you to make a donation to actually bring a part of Cameron, the amazing, handsome, silly, guy that I loved with my whole heart back to life!

The fundraiser, entitled "A Baby with my Deceased Fiancé".

Amazingly enough, people identified with her predicament and in less than a day, she has received $11,000. As of writing, she raised $15,000 of her $7,000 goal.

Lucas, overwhelmingly grateful, updated the web page, saying:
I will never be able to say it enough — thank you for your support. It’s everything.

Robinett's sperm can be kept in storage for a year — until the time is right for Lucas.

While going through Robinett’s clothes yesterday, Lucas wrote that she discovered a baby-sized Seattle Seahawks jersey she had forgotten her fiancé purchased.

Indeed gestures of love can be astonishing at times!

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