Transgender Dad, breastfeeds his kids

A transgender man who gave birth after his transition, and who had breast tissue removed via surgery, now breastfeeds his children using a special tube and donated milk.

Trevor MacDonald, 23, is a transgender parent. He gave birth in 2012 after taking a break from testosterone therapy. Due to his breast removal surgery, it was unclear if he would be able to breastfeed.

Trevor MacDonald, 23 , transgender dad who breastfeeds 
his kids using SNS
As part of his transition, MacDonald earlier had his breasts removed. Since he had plans of having a child of his own in the future, he chose not to have a “bottom operation”. After his transition, the Winnipeg resident eventually married the love of his life Ian.

After giving birth, McDonald was surprised that he was capable of producing a small amount of milk with a help from a supplemental nursing system, or SNS. Initially set to give formula milk to Jacob, MacDonald opted to breastfeed his son.

In an interview with the Huffington Post blog, MacDonald explained how SNS works.

'An SNS is a bottle with a tube going into it. You put one end of the tube next to your nipple and then latch the baby onto your nipple and the tube at the same time. This way, the baby gets both the milk that the parent can produce and supplement from the bottle at once.' Trevor explained.

SNS is a special tube connected to the nipple

“We struggled through the exhaustion of sitting up through nursing sessions day and night,” MacDonald said. “Now, I can nurse him to sleep when he is overtired, or latch him on to calm him when he’s had an unfortunate adventure with the corner of a coffee table.”

Just a few weeks ago, MacDonald gave birth to their second baby and he plans on breastfeeding again.

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