Tinderella: The Modern Fairytale

What would happen if Cinderella had Tinder?

She most definitely doesn't meet Prince Charming.

Screenshot from the video
 If you love Disney movies and fairy tales, but you also have the cynicism and detachment of a dater in the location-based dating-app world, you are going to love this College Humor video so much.

Present day Cinderella doesn't wait for a fairy godmother to fix her up, she uses Tinder.

Meet Tinderella, and enjoy her modern-day love story:

Instead of magic helping her out, Cinderella would meet her prince on Tinder, and live happily ever after by never seeing him again.

This Tinders is very different from the original fairytale heroine; There's no waiting around for a Prince and sweeping floors - instead she just fires up her mobile and finds a local hottie.

College Humor just joined forces with Electus Digital to bring original programming to TV and the big screen, and they’re aiming the College Humor series Jake and Amir for TBS. Maybe Tinderella will be next.

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