Smartwatch for Kids

Apple announced their Apple Watch to compete with Android smart watches but can the kids wear this expensive smart watches? Do you need all the smart watch features in their wrist? Is there any alternative smart watches for kids?

Credits to the owner

The answer is yes! Introducing Filip, the smart wearables for kids. Is not just your average smart watch. This watch can locate your kids, accept and send voice calls to 5 different numbers that you configure, it has an emergency button where Filip will immediately call the primary account holder, if no one answers the call, Filip will dial each of the number stored in the device until someone answer it. Aside from these, it tells the date and time as per watch configuration. Can send one-way text message.

Credits to the owner

It has a unique wearable design and you can choose from 4 different color. These are Superhero Blue, Awesome Orange, Watermelon Red, and Limesicle Green. The App comes free on Apple and Google Store.

Filip’s regular price is $149 however you will get a $50 discount for the pre-launch sale. To place an order go to and get this awesome smart watch for your kids. It looks cool for them and a peace of mind for you

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