Side-kicks on the spot light.

What do Penguins of Madagascar and Minions have in common? They are just side-kicks which having a break on the big screen. 

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Who cannot forget the Penguins of Madagascar? Their shift-changing personality just to disguise them as secret agent. They can operate a car, cruise ship and even an airplane. Now, they have a new movie which is showing this November. This is a very hilarious movie because of their funny antics. Also, for the first time, they will be joining a top elite agency called the “North Wind”. What the north wind???

Screenshot from the Trailer

How about the Minions? Those cutie, small, yellow creatures wearing a goggles will having a big break as well. Their journey will start during the Age of Dinosaurs until the launching of Apollo 8? In this movie they are searching for an evil master. I believe they are the ones who pilot Apollo 8 and landed in the moon. Well we need to wait and see the story line for this.The movie is set for the big screen in 2015.

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