Move over Siri. Echo is here.

Who is Echo? Echo is the new Amazon product to compete with the Apple’s personal assistant. Echo was unveiled last November 6, 2014.

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It has cylindrical shape where you can manage it thru your kindle device via a separate App.To get one, you need to request an invitation for you to purchase Echo. It cost at $199 dollars for non-Prime members and $100 discount for Prime Members.

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Amazon Echo can be activated by saying the word “Alexa”. For there, you can check the weather, play music, ask general questions and set an alarm. Echo can hear you using an array of seven microphones. It has a enhance noise cancellation so that Echo can hear you even you are playing a music.

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It has Wifi to stream your music from Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, and TuneIn. It can also access your iTunes, Spotify and Pandora playlist. While playing your favorite songs, Echo tends to deliver crisp vocal and dynamic bass because of the 360 downward speakers that produce a 360 degrees omni-directional sound. 

It seems this Amazon product is a combination of Siri plus Beats pill. 

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