Kitten Therapy: Scrub off your Stress

Christmas is all-around the corner which means stress is everywhere. How to relieve yourself from the stress around you? Go to the gym to shred those stress? Schedule an appointment to the spa? How about taking a Kitten Therapy?

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How it works? First, you will be placed into a sound proof chamber with an earphone. Then a voice over will tell you what to do and after that you will hear a kitten purr. After you hear it, this is where the surprise comes in. 

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Kitten! They are everywhere! You can play with them, cuddle with them and everything you want to do with those darling kittens.

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After the session, you will feel unstressed, relax and ready to go.

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On the video, you can see how the people describe their before and after experience with those lovable felines.

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