Hello Samsung Galaxy S6!

After Galaxy S5, A5 and Note 4, Samsung is getting ready for their new flagship phone? Will it carry out the new Android Material Design and technology found in Lolipop? 

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The new phone will be launched by March or April 2015 which is pricey than the previous S5 because of the dual-edged display. It is 6.7 mm thick which is much thinner than S5 and it is moulded on a metal frame. There is no plans of craping out the AMOLED screen display where S6 will be using as well. The tech geeks are hoping that the screen should carry a 4K on a 3840 x 2160 resolution. There is a chance that S6 will carry a flexible screen display. This flexible screen display is now present on Smart TVs, which has a better chance of incorporating it to the new Samsung S6. It may carry Snapdragon processor to process complicated tasks.

Credits to the owner

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