Filmmaker eaten alive by a giant Anaconda

Naturalist, explorer, author, rainforest and wildlife specialist expert, Paul Rosolie ventures into the stomach of a giant anaconda wearing a "snake-proof" suit during an episode of Discovery Channel's show, Eaten Alive.

In clips released by the show, Rosolie wears a protective "snake-proof" suit and breathing apparatus during his tangle with the wild beast.

Photo from Paul's Instagram
Photo from Paul's Instagram

We're going to make me as appealing as possible so the snake just says, "Well, I've got this big thing here, so I might as well get a free meal,"
Mr. Rosolie says in the video.

Rosolie's stunt was especially dangerous since anacondas have actually attacked people involved in research in the past. Rosolie has been known in the past to put himself in danger, as in one of his films when he documented poachers travelling through the jungle to hunt endangered species.

However, the show has been slammed as animal cruelty and many animal welfare organizations are worried the event will be harmful or stressful to the snake.

In the days leading up to Eaten Alive on Discovery Channel, I understand that many people have questions. All I can tell you now is that all my work is based around the fact that wildlife and ecosystems today, across the globe, are at a critical moment. No group of animals so much so as apex predators,
Rosolie said.

For those worried about animal cruelty, I invite you to research my work — read my book," he added. "Then ask yourself: would this person ever hurt an animal?"

Screenshot of Paul's Tweet.
Screenshot of Paul's Tweet.

Discovery has not responded to concerns for the snake's health. Although Rosolie himself has shared teaser videos, many are now private or no longer available, indicating that Discovery might be having second thoughts about the already somewhat controversial episode.

The risky experiment, which aims to document what it's like to enter the belly of the creature, will aired on the Discovery channel last December 7, 2014.

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